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Hydrate IV Bar

What if I told you taking 45 minutes out of your hectic schedule could reduce your stress, improve your mood, lower your blood pressure, reduce anxiety, boost your metabolism, and overall benefit your wellbeing? Who would say no to that right? Let me introduce to you Hydrate IV Bar in the Highlands.

Hydrate IV Bar offers a variety of Injections, and IV drips that allow your body to absorb 100 percent of the nutrients going in making for a better you. Owner Katie Wafer is so passionate about her craft that she has three locations in Denver neighborhoods including The Highlands, Bonnie Brae and Cherry Creek North-inside of Live Love Lash Salon." 

For a long time, IV Therapy was known as the “hangover cure all” though it does help with feeling better after a night of overindulgence IV Therapy has so many other benefits. “We have clients from business professionals to professional athletes.” said Katie.

With this being a relatively new up and coming trend a lot of people may be skeptical. To help ease those thoughts Hydrate IV Bar is overseen by a Medical Director with over 30 years’ experience, and every staff member administering IV and Injection services are registered nurses. With so many different IV Therapy options depending on your individual need Hydrate IV Bar offers consultations with all new patients to ensure they are receiving the appropriate treatment.



The mama 'hood was born out of an opportunity in Denver: Create a community for new moms & families that addresses all of their pre- and post-natal needs.


The idea came from Co-Founder, Linda Appel Lipsius, who had her first child in Los Angeles, where many great resources existed.
Seeking similar support for her second child in Denver, but not finding exactly what she needed, she decided to build it.


Introduced to Amanda Ogden, Co-Founder, RN and IBCLC extraordinaire, the mama 'hood started taking shape.

With the expert guidance of Co-Founder Allison Schnieder, the threesome built the

multi-faceted model and created a modern and inviting space in LoHi. the 'hood welcomes moms, babies, partners, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings and caregivers throughout each day for a variety of classes, groups and shopping.

Families of all types, composition, orientation, birthing philosophies, feeding philosophies & ability to pay are welcome.

Stop by and check out their amazing fashions and classes today!

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