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Colorado is one of the fastest growing states in the US. In the center of this beautiful state is an area of Denver that is rapidly growing with new restaurants, boutiques, culture, real estate, and community every single day. 

As a resident of the area I would walk through LoHi and surrounding neighborhoods almost daily seeing new storefronts popping up left and right. I would also see residents moving into the area at the same rate. This got me thinking...what outlets do these businesses have to get the word out to neighborhood residents that they are right around the corner within walking distance? 

Also, in this high paced city where do these residents go to learn more about community, and what their neighbors are doing to contribute to it? 

That is when LoHi Lifestyle Magazine was created. A publication that is about LoHi and the surrounding neighborhoods. Building community, neighbors, friends, and embracing the LoHi Lifestyle! 

Stefani Walker- Publisher 


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